UV Personal Protective Equipment Product Line

Fabrics chosen by over 30yrs of medical experience, we have used this knowledge to produce unbelievable commercial quality products that are all 50+ ultraviolet protective factors (UPF) and higher and significantly reduce the levels of visible and infrared light absorbed by your body. Our unique fabrics and designs offer an unparalleled combination of protection, comfort and durability. Each fabric has been laboratory tested and put through rigorous levels of inspection to ensure they meet our highest standards in the most extreme conditions. We at UV Personal Protective Equipment consider it our responsibility to offer the highest quality products that provide the best protection the market has to offer.

Why UV Personal Protective Equipment

UV Personal Protective Equipment is a family owned American company, built to support and protect other American businesses and American workers. The ever-increasing health and safety risks being endured by so many forced our call to action to create the first commercial quality clothing line specifically designed to protect against the complete light spectrum. Our mission is to educate on the realities of dangerous daily work environments and provide effective and affordable solutions you can trust.